Veloce CPQ

Veloce CPQ transforms your sales user experience and productivity with high performance, perfectly executed logic, and personalized user interfaces tailored to the needs of each of your sales channels - including e-commerce.

Veloce Studio

Our uniquely fast user experience gives you the ability to open your CPQ to everyone, even directly to consumers on the web via e-commerce. Which is something of a rarity in CPQ. Some CPQ vendors advertise this capability but their performance and UX limitations prohibit it since consumers have the highest standards for user experience and performance. With Veloce CPQ, these constraints do not exist. You are free to engage with every one of your customers in exactly the way you need to.

Veloce CPQ accelerates your sales with tools to bring new products to market quickly - no matter how complex your rules - with a high performance user experience that is specific to each sales channel and each user context.

Veloce CPQ includes a unique personalization capability powered by our UI Design Tool - Veloce Studio. The tool allows your UI/UX team to create any type and number of user interfaces that all talk the same underlying product model. This is how Veloce enables your multi-channel sales. There is no need to create separate applications or write custom code. Our Salesforce administration and deployment environment takes care of every aspect of your CPQ so you can focus on the parts that make your solution unique.

Veloce Studio allows you to select from a library of UI templates tailored to different vertical solutions like SaaS and Telecom. Your team then has the option to create your own version of the template by designing your own user page flows and page details with an intuitive point and click, drag and drop interface. To take it a step further, your team has the option to add your own libraries along with any HTML, CSS, JS or Angular logic to develop whatever UI you need.


Veloce CPQ accelerates your sales by intelligently driving your sales to sell the optimal product configuration and pricing according to the rules of your business.


Veloce CPQ is powered by an Intelligent Solver that automatically interprets the needs of each sales situation so your users can focus on selling to the customer, not technical product details.


Our Veloce Studio provides templates that your UX team can extend and customize to provide the perfect user experience for each of your sales channels.

Veloce Configuration Engine

Our Intelligent Solver is what makes Veloce different from any other CPQ.  It completely changes how CPQ is done by simplifying user interaction to a single smart click that generates an optimal solution in milliseconds.


Veloce Solver transforms your sales process by streamlining how your users create optimal product configurations.


Our Solver uses an AI engine to apply a prioritized set of optimization goals to infer the best solution with minimal effort from your user.


Our Solver is so incredibly efficient it can solve big problems like data center configuration in milliseconds.

Time to Market

Since our Solver does all the work, you can rely on a small and simple product model that you only write once. Changes to your core model logic are infrequent. Our product model offers a level of abstraction that enables a clear separation of concerns between what is logic and what is data. This enables your business team to drive new product introductions purely through data and you can go to market with your product changes and additions quickly and effortlessly, without IT involvement.

With the Veloce Solver, product changes are done in product data rather than the model itself. This enables your business to update and add products to your CPQ effortlessly. IT only gets involved when there is a real system level change.

Again, the Solver makes this possible because it is able to intelligently infer how to configure products in a highly dynamic way that does not require your team to define all the possible outcomes upfront.

Total Cost of Ownership

By making it possible for your business team to maintain your CPQ directly, Veloce Solver lowers your TCO dramatically. Moreover, these cost savings in terms of IT effort, frees your IT to work on more value added tasks at the systems integration level rather than day to day product changes. A major efficiency gain for your broader organization.

Veloce Pricer

Veloce’s pricing engine has a very flexible pricing model and includes all the pricing features needed for the modern enterprise whether your business is service, product, or some combination of the two.  For SaaS companies we automate ARR, relative pricing, and the renewal pricing process.

Our Pricer runs as an independent service and is very high performance. It's so fast that we can configure and price simultaneously.  Veloce takes it one step further by showing predictive pricing so your users can see the price implications of their options before selecting them. This mimics how people shop in the real world but in CPQ this experience is unique to Veloce. It also supports asset based pricing.

Veloce Pricer provides many standard features for most common pricing problems and is also highly customizable to provide advanced features to solve highly complex pricing problems.

Veloce Catalog

Veloce Catalog gives your marketing the power to create compelling offers to accelerate your sales and delight your customers with innovative pricing and dynamic product bundling - all done with business-friendly tools.


Veloce Catalog gives your product team a simple point and click tool to create compelling offers easily and go to market quickly.


Veloce Catalog provides an engaging window into your offerings to promote just the right products for each sales situation.


Our catalog has high performance filtering and search to guide your users to the right product easily and quickly every time.

Veloce Catalog enables your marketing to organize and publish your product portfolio in a way that makes it easy for your customers to find just the right configurable or non configurable product. Our catalog has advanced product filtering and search to make life easy for your end users. The user experience is fast, visually rich, engaging, and everything happens in real-time. This seamless user experience is critical since the catalog is the first thing your end users see.

Veloce Catalog makes it easy for your product team to publish your products in a visually appealing, logically categorized, and easily searchable manner, to guide your users to just the right product every time.

Veloce’s catalog also includes an elegant Offer Management solution that allows your marketing to quickly go to market with innovative offers featuring product and pricing rules that are simple to define in a point and click visual tool. There’s no easier, faster, or cheaper way to go to market with this level of offer sophistication. Our Offer Management adds entirely new possibilities within your product offerings since your marketing team can create, release, and analyze the results of a campaign in less time than it normally takes to document such offers for your IT team to implement in a typical CPQ system.

Veloce Document Engine

The Veloce Document Engine can handle large amounts of data and grab any data from multiple nested objects within Salesforce. Veloce Document Engine also allows the transformation of data on the fly, without having to persist the data change to your database, which degrades the overall performance.

Key Features:

  • Query data from unlimited number of objects within Salesforce
  • Generate a document from any object (Quote, Opportunity, Account, Custom)
  • Attach and merge additional documentation
  • Generate large PDF and DOCX files with 10,000+ line items
  • Integrates with e-signature
  • Standalone version is available to use without Veloce CPQ

Veloce Subscription

Veloce Subscription Management allows your business to maximize growth by focusing on your recurring revenue from existing customers. Veloce helps improve your subscription retention and eliminate costly errors during renewals.

Key Features:

  • Upgrades/Upsells/Cross-sells of new products and services
  • Delta screen to easily see all changes made to the existing assets
  • Automatic calculation for immediate revenue impact of a renewal
  • Handles large volumes of assets as well as new line items
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