Veloce delivers the optimal user experience for any industry with incredible performance on Salesforce


With the combination of Veloce and Salesforce CPQ, you can keep your most complex quoting requirements in scope

What makes us unique?

Veloce has a solution for any industry that will accelerate your sales process. Our configurable industry solutions can be easily tailored to manage your unique needs.  An intuitive admin console enables your business team to introduce new products quickly and effortlessly. We make it easy for your sales team, support team, partner or customer to create optimal quotes with an exceptional user experience and unimaginable performance!

Any Massive Quote (10,000+ lines)

Your business needs should determine the size of your quotes, not system limitations.  Veloce performs with the same exceptional speed on large quotes.  Veloce has no limit on quote size and we do it all on Salesforce without hitting governor limits.

Sub-second Performance

Performance is one of the top concerns of users and sales organizations deploying CPQ. Veloce performs incredibly fast on Salesforce. Faster CPQ will accelerate your entire quote to cash process and empower your sales users to achieve their goals with an efficient experience.

Any User Experience without Customization

Our UX/UI design tool enables you to deliver a quoting solution to your channel partners that supports their unique UX requirements.  With the flexibility to tailor the quoting experience to the needs of your partners, you will provide your channel with the powerful quoting solution needed to achieve your respective goals.

Intelligent CPQ

Veloce has a unique AI-powered optimizer that completes your complex configuration automatically. With just a few data points, our intelligent CPQ creates the optimal solution for your customers. A faster time to quote frees your selling teams to spend more time focused on what they do best: advising the market on the value of your company’s solutions, not memorizing product configuration and pricing rules.

A CPQ solution you can easily manage

Because Veloce is delivered without customizations, you’ll have a CPQ system that is scalable and allows the business to easily introduce new products, go-to-market strategies, and pricing paradigms to support your constantly changing business. Another major benefit of not having customizations is that your CPQ solution is quick and easy to upgrade!

Templates for your Industry

Our industry templates are configurable and give us a headstart in delivering a user experience that supports your unique requirements. This allows us to get your CPQ up and running with a tailored user experience in no time. We currently have industry templates for: SaaS, Subscriptions and Services, Manufacturing, Data Center, Communications and Media, Healthcare & Life Sciences.

CPQ Accelerator

If you have another CPQ solution deployed on the Salesforce platform and are experiencing problems such as poor performance, data size limitations, or inability to handle complex use cases, Veloce “CPQ Accelerator” supercharges your existing CPQ to dramatically improve performance and handle large quotes with 1000s of lines. Additionally, if you have important business needs that are not met by your current solution, we can extend it to meet those critical requirements. 

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