Don’t push your challenging requirements to a future phase. With Veloce, you can tackle your large and complex quotes Right Now, with grace, and on the Salesforce platform.

Deliver the optimal quoting experience with B2C performance on Salesforce

System limitations should not determine how you sell. We won’t ask you to change your process. Sell in a manner that is ideal for your business. 

CPQ Platform for the Modern Enterprise


With the combination of Veloce and Salesforce CPQ, you can keep your most complex quoting requirements in scope

"Veloce for high performance and advanced configuration"

— Gartner (CPQ Magic Quadrant 2020)


Massive Quotes (10,000+ lines)

Your business needs should determine the size of your quotes, not system limitations.  If your quote contains 1000’s of lines, multi nested bundles, or even has thousand of sites, Veloce can handle it with ease .... and do it all in Salesforce.


Performance is one of the top adoption concerns by end users. Veloce's architecture design enables on average of 200 milliseconds per click action ensuring a frictionless quoting experience.

The Ideal User Experience

for Your Use Case

Veloce’s UI/UX design tool enables you to deliver a quoting solution that supports your unique UX requirements for all your sales channels. Veloce gives you the flexibility to configure the right user experience to transform your sales processes without poorly performing CPQ workarounds.


Intelligent CPQ

Veloce's AI-powered optimizer completes your complex configuration automatically. With just a few data points, Veloce's intelligent CPQ creates the optimal solution for your customers. Faster quoting times frees your sales teams to spend more time focused on what they do best: advising customers on the value of your company’s solutions, not memorizing product configuration and pricing rules.


A CPQ solution you can easily manage

Veloce is delivered without customizations, so you get a CPQ solution that is scalable and allows the business to easily introduce new products and pricing paradigms to support your constantly changing business needs. No customizations means that your CPQ solution will be quick and easy to upgrade. Since Veloce admin is done inside Salesforce, setup and admin will also be fast and easy for your existing Salesforce admins.


Industry Ready

Veloce industry templates are configurable and provide a head-start in delivering a user experience that supports your unique requirements and standard industry processes. Veloce enables you to get your CPQ up and running with a tailored user experience in less time and has industry templates for: SaaS, Subscriptions and Services, Manufacturing, Data Center, Communications and Media, Healthcare & Life Sciences.


Accelerate ROI

Veloce runs in Salesforce out of the box and feeds the Manufacturing cloud, so you can rest assured that your run rate business and new business forecasting is always up to date and matches what is in the Quote and Order form. Veloce CPQ Data Conductor can seamlessly pass large Quote and Order data to any other downstream Quote to Cash processes. Since Veloce administration is managed inside Salesforce, Veloce helps you fully leverage all your Salesforce assets for faster ROI on your Quote to Cash investments.