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Enterprise-grade CPQ that is powerful and
performant, helping you to streamline complex sales
processes. Sell more and sell faster with Veloce.

If you have been told “This cannot be done”, let us
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Companies using Veloce CPQ

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Large quotes with complex configurations

Your quotes can have as many lines, rules and hierarchies as you need.

    • Support complex configuration and pricing with lightning performance
    • Handle 10,000 line configurations through quoting process including subscription management
    • Run approval rules against 10,000 line items
    • Generate documents with tens of thousands line items
    • Even on Salesforce

    Customizable UI

    Your CPQ adoption depends on how clear and flexible the user experience is. With Veloce CPQ, you can build your CPQ UI for your business requirements.

      • UI templates to provide easy and low effort customization to support different quoting processes
      • Rich UI component library to support any quoting process
      • Different UI for each sales channel
      • Configurable guided selling experience
      • Deal metrics displayed in real time
      • Spreadsheet-style UI for easy data import and manipulation

      Incredible performance   

      Enjoy lightning speed on any platform with Veloce CPQ.

        • Average 200 millisecond engine processing time for a quote with 1000s of configuration and pricing rules
        • Subsecond user response time, even with large and complex quotes
        • Fast loading and saving of large configurations
        • No more governor limits on the Salesforce platform

        Multiple channels, CRMs & cloud platforms

        You can choose whatever platform you want to run, keep your data anywhere you prefer and support any use case you want without compromise.

          • Runs on AWS, Azure, GCP & any other cloud platform as standalone CPQ
          • Runs on Salesforce CRM and Microsoft Dynamics CRM with off platform stateless services
          • Complements Salesforce CPQ by solving large complex configuration and pricing use cases
          • Can integrate with any other CRM platform as needed
          • Supports internal users, customers, partner portal and e-commerce channels, all with different UXs
          • Provides all CPQ services in restful API for custom application

          Easy setup & low maintenance

          Streamline new product introductions and maintenance with Veloce Studio.

            • Manage products, bundles, rules and UIs through intuitive point and click admin UI
            • Object-oriented product modeling for advanced users to increase reuse and reduce development and maintenance
            • Easily understandable product structure and rules for both business users and developers
            • Version management and concurrent development for product models
            • IDE style UI for all data administration with easy navigation and fewer screens and clicks
            • Command line deployment tool for release management