CPQ that makes complex quoting simple in Salesforce®

"C" stands for Configure, not complicate!
Finally, a CPQ that removes the complexity from your configuration process while delivering with the grace you'd expect for easier use cases.
Accelerate your deals with the ultimate CPQ platform.


Supercharge your sales

Boost sales with CPQ that allows you to sell the way you'd like. Don't change your process or go-to-market motion to accommodate your sales tool. Those days are over. With easy to use administration, Veloce allows you to sell your products and services with unbound creativity.

Companies using Veloce CPQ

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Sales Acceleration Platform

Transmit power from your Configure, Price, Quote platform to your sellers and partners. Whether you have complex products or simpler ones, Veloce will make selling them easy, for all of your channels. Give your internal sellers and customers a solution that will allow them to get the pricing they need, when they want it. When you can do this, deals will grow and they will close faster.

CPQ In Salesforce

Maximize selling across the board with omnichannel CPQ in Salesforce

Your products and services can be complex. Quoting them doesn't need to be. Veloce will be configured to deliver experiences that are intuitive for all of your sales channels with CPQ in Salesforce that has the power to handle your most complex products.

Advanced Configurator

Veloce for Salesforce CPQ

Already using Salesforce CPQ? Because Veloce is built on Salesforce, it was natural for us to team up with Salesforce CPQ to extend its solution. With the combination of Veloce and Salesforce CPQ, you can keep your most complex quoting requirements in scope. We make it easy for your sales team, support team, partner or customer to create optimal quotes with an exceptional user experience and unimaginable performance.

Configurable UI

Easy to use for all of your sales channels

An intuitive admin gives you the control of your system you've been longing for. If Veloce's out of the box UI needs adjustment, use our UI/UX design tool to configure the UX you've dreamed about. Each of your sales channels can have their own user interface if needed.

 Complex & Massive Quotes

Veloce CPQ has a powerful configurator

Veloce co-founders have been in the space for 20+ years and know what a configuration engine needs to be capable of. Veloce’s configuration and pricing engines were developed to handle the most complex products and have the power to process your largest quotes and pricing agreements. We’ve tested as many as 50,000 lines.

Guided Selling

Grow conversion rates with Guided Selling

Escort your sales teams through guided selling so they can operate confidently and efficiently. Personalize quotes and offers with lightspeed that’s never been seen before on the Salesforce platform.

Easy Administration

The easiest CPQ to use and maintain for quoting in Salesforce

When it’s time to make changes or introduce new products, an intuitive administration gives you the control of your system that you’ve been longing for.

 Subscription Management

Optimize recurring revenue on Salesforce with brilliant subscription management

Manage your new business, amendments and renewals with the visibility and control you’ve been looking for. An easy to understand user interface will make customer lifecycle management a breeze.

Document Generation

Communicate your quote or offer quickly with powerful document generation

Deliver a professional document generated within Salesforce for even the most complex and massive quotes. Include or hide any deal details and lay out your quotes or pricing agreements in the manner of your choosing.

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