Communications & Networking

Enable self-sufficiency for your internal sales teams, partners, distributors and customers. An intuitive UX guides your sales teams through the structuring of complex offers.

  • MACD, Order split and gradual activation
  • Quotes 1,000’s of locations either individually or en masse
  • Each product can be priced individually using its unique identifier
  • Real Time view of all your metrics (NRC, MRC, ACV, TCV, Margins, etc)
  • Separate current revenue from upsell/change amount

High Tech & SaaS

Companies that have the vision to offer their products and services in a manner which keeps pace with the demands of the market, are the ones that will thrive. To deliver on this vision requires technology that gives you the agility to pivot with the market, and enables you to sell your products and services in a manner that matches your marketing team’s creativity.

Veloce enables the agility which has escaped the CPQ industry for quite some time.
  • Flexible ramping capabilities
  • Annual uplifts which may vary year over year
  • Multi-site quotes
  • Large cart
  • Model multiple scenarios for your customer, in a single view
  • All of your deal metrics in real time to help with optimal structuring
  • Any charge type (consumption, tiered, unit, etc)
  • Intuitive UI/UX for every sales channel

Life Science and Medical Device

Keep pace with the ever changing demands of the market, and make your products and services available when and how your customers expect. Don’t lose margin or market share because you can’t introduce new products, services, or go-to-market strategies in a timely manner.

  • Flexibility to manage the complexities of contract pricing for your GPO, IDN and hospitals
  • Quote your entire catalog for efficient RFP/tender response
  • Support all of your sales channels, each channel with the optimal UI


System limitations should not force you to change how you sell your products and services.
With Veloce, handle all of your product and service complexities:

  • Large cart
  • Multi level nested product bundles
  • Sales or Manufacturing BOM generation
  • Service Quoting
  • Deliver the optimal UI for quoting products and the ideal UI for quoting your services
  • Partner/VAR/Distributor quoting experience
  • E-commerce
  • All with lightning fast performance


Veloce CPQ for Financial Services is powerful, flexible and fast. We’ve solved the notorious system limitations that have slowed down effective quoting, new product introductions and go-to market strategies for decades.

With Veloce CPQ
  • Calculate the profit and loss of all products and services based on a complex pricing model
  • Manage the merchant onboarding rules through our configuration engine
  • Generate merchant agreements based on complex conditions
  • Support partner quoting and E-commerce
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