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Creating timely and accurate quotes & offers is paramount to achieving your margin and growth goals.
The demands of the modern customer change quickly, and Veloce allows your team to easily introduce new products, complex bundles and go-to-market strategies which keep pace with the market’s dynamic expectations.

No limit on number of sites/locations or quote lines

Incredible Performance

The ideal UI for all sales channels

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Handle large volumes of Data

Quoting 1,000’s of sites with thousands of quote and order lines is not a problem for Veloce’s powerful and efficient engine. Users have the flexibility to configure each site individually, or in mass.
Sell all of your products in any manner. Usage based, Consumption based, as a Service, tier based, etc.  Quote the services you offer, as well. Implementation services, maintenance and support services, maintenance as a service, training and so on. You have the flexibility to sell any type of product or service, with unbound scale.

Incredible Performance

Put together massive quotes and complex offers without end user latency. All data in Salesforce, no problem. Don’t frustrate your users with slow or failed transactions. Return the results quickly when you use Veloce’s high performance configuration and pricing engines

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Intuitive UI for All Sales Channels

  • Veloce’s UI/UX design tool is used to create the optimal UI for every sales channel.

  • Deliver an intuitive yet powerful interface to put together even your most complex bundles, and create offers in mass, or location by location.

  • Configuration and pricing screen(s) can be laid out in the manner of your choosing, and in such a way that best supports your different sales users and channels.

  • Incorporate a snappy Guided Selling experience that filters 100’s of thousands of products instantaneously.

  • Give your sellers a Real Time view of any Quote Metrics (NRC, MRC, ACV, TCV, Margins, etc).

  • Enjoy the controls of Excel, but want that inside Salesforce, no problem. With Veloce, you can Import Excel files, and have a nice Table-like UI within Salesforce, while maintaining all of the controls that you’re accustomed to with Excel.

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Works with Service Cloud / Field Service Lightning

Because Veloce runs in Salesforce, out of the box, Veloce seamlessly passes quote and order data to Service Cloud ensuring that your customer entitlements are always up to date.
Veloce is connected with Field Service Lightning, sending every detail needed in order to schedule tasks and maintenance which were included as part of the customer’s order.

The result: Your teams can easily and quickly create any complex bundle, and your sellers are able to intuitively and efficiently put together the big deal, the complex order.