Veloce’s telco solution centers around our Offer Management Tool — specifically designed for telcos — that allows your business team to quickly create, release, and analyze bundled offers through a simple point and click interface. Velo Offer Management allows your team to quickly define product and pricing rules within dynamic bundles and bring them to market quickly.

Time to Market


Our Communications Offer Management Suite makes it easy for your business team to introduce new product bundles without any reliance on IT. This transforms your business by speeding up the time to market for your current offerings. It also creates the opportunity to create new kinds of offers. Since it’s so quick and easy to create and release offers, your team can introduce short term offers and gather data in the marketplace to help inform your decisions on future offers.

Performance, Scalability, and TCO


Due to large data size and growing product model complexity over time, we have seen performance suffer for many telco CPQ implementations.

First, this impacts your end user productivity. We have seen telco CPQ implementations that take over a minute to load and several seconds to respond to user clicks. Veloce can optimize these same problems and transform them into high performant, highly scalable solutions with sub-second load and click response times.

Veloce’s optimization of your telco product model also simplifies your product model maintenance by creating a clean separation of your different data concerns. We abstract what is general product model and create a clean database where you maintain well-structured product data separately from your product model. This vastly reduces the complexity and effort for your business and IT teams involved in your CPQ system maintenance. And, finally, this lowers your TCO since you are spending much less time and resources on system maintenance.


You want to offer your CPQ directly to consumers on the web or to your B2B customers through a portal but performance and user experience of your CPQ solution are not good enough for these audiences. With Veloce, our performance and personalization make it possible to open your CPQ to eCommerce channels.


Unique to the CPQ, Veloce provides the sub-second performance eCommerce users expect.

Veloce’s UI Designer gives your UX/UI team the tools needed to create a consumer grade user experience for your CPQ. Our UI Designer provides a telco-specific UI template that your team can extend and customize through a simple drag and drop web tool. Your team also has the option to enhance your user experience by adding any HTML, CSS, or scripting logic to handy UI components to create literally any user experience they can imagine.

Automatic Siebel Migration


If your organization runs Siebel Product Configurator and Order Management, Veloce has a solution that automatically migrates your Siebel CPQ to Veloce CPQ. Aside from automatic migration, we offer an automated tool to analyze and optimize your Siebel implementation. We also guarantee large performance and scalability improvements.

If your have plans or a desire to move your Siebel CPQ to the cloud - specifically to Salesforce, we have the perfect solution for you.

Asset-based Ordering


Veloce supports complete Quote-Order-Asset Lifecycle Management. We leverage standard objects in Salesforce to store your Quote, Order, and Asset. Veloce then automatically generates delta quotes from Account Assets. We also automate asset renewals based on renewal schedules.

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