Intelligent Solver in action

Our Veloce Intelligent Solver introduces a completely different approach to CPQ than traditional rules engines used by our competitors.

Our Solver generates a complete solution of any complexity or size in a single click. It requires only a simple statement of the problem rather than a complex nest of rules that rule engines need to operate. This makes it massively more simple to set up and maintain than a rules model. It also streamlines how our CPQ engine operates so it can perform exceptionally fast.

All of the above have huge implications for the four things that you must care about in the selection of your CPQ platform:


  1. Time to market

  2. Total cost of ownership

  3. Performance

  4. User experience

Veloce does all of this in Salesforce.  Veloce delivers simplicity, smarts, performance, and visualization in Salesforce that cannot be matched in the CPQ marketplace.


Check out the video below to see this in action.  We only ask that you provide your name and email.


Thank you!