The Problem

A high tech product company has created an AI-automated factory where robots must work together.  It’s one thing to build a single purpose smart robot. It’s orders of magnitude more difficult to create a system of smart robots working together in the same space.   To maintain efficiency and minimize robot downtime, it’s critical these robots do not step on one another.


The company has mapped out it’s factory floor as a grid to separate the space where each robot can operate without colliding with any other robot.

The Solution

Veloce has developed a very simple solution that resolves trillions of possible arrangements of robots in milliseconds.   In fact when there are 24 robots operating on a 24x24 gridded factory floor, there are exactly 620,448,401,733,239,439,360,000 ways to situate the robots but only a handful of valid solutions.  That number is so high, we do not even know how to say it.


Veloce solves it in 851 milliseconds.