Veloce Solver

Our Solver is what makes Veloce different from any other CPQ.  It completely changes how CPQ is done by simplifying user interaction to a single smart click that generates an optimal solution in milliseconds.



Veloce Solver transforms your sales process by streamlining how your users create optimal product configurations.



Our Solver uses an AI engine to apply a prioritized set of optimization goals to infer the best solution with minimal effort from your user.



Our Solver is so incredibly efficient it can solve big problems like data center configuration in time measured in milliseconds.

Time to Market
Since our Solver does all the work, you can rely on a small and simple product model that you only write once. Changes to your core model logic are infrequent. Our product model offers a level of abstraction that enables a clear separation of concerns between what is logic and what is data. This enables your business team to drive new product introductions purely through data and you can go to market with your product changes and additions quickly and effortlessly, without IT involvement.
With the Veloce Solver, product changes are done in product data rather than the model itself. This enables your business to update and add products to your CPQ effortlessly. IT only gets involved when there is a real system level change.
Again, the Solver makes this possible because it is able to intelligently infer how to configure products in a highly dynamic way that does not require your team to define all the possible outcomes upfront.
By making it possible for your business team to maintain your CPQ directly, Veloce Solver lowers your TCO dramatically. Moreover, these cost savings in terms of IT effort, frees your IT to work on more value added tasks at the systems integration level rather than day to day product changes. A major efficiency gain for your broader organization.
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