High Tech

Companies that have the vision to offer their products and services which keep pace with the demands of the market, are the ones that will thrive. To deliver on this vision requires technology that gives you the agility to support new trends and allows you to pivot to new models and go to market strategies, such as offering your products “As-a-Service”. 

With Veloce, you can support new trends and also deliver on key requirements which have plagued the CPQ industry for quite some time.
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Large Quotes for Complex products

Manage 1,000’s of product and pricing rules, supporting products with deeply nested bundles within bundles.
Manage quotes with 50,000 lines or more, and sell your products in any manner. Unit pricing, Usage based, Consumption based, as a Service, Tier-based, etc.  
Services Quoting: Quote the service you offer, as well. Implementation services, maintenance and support services, maintenance as a service, training and so on. You have the flexibility to sell any type of product or service, with unbound scale.

Incredible Performance

Don’t frustrate your users with latency challenges. Return the results quickly when you use Veloce’s high performance and efficient configuration and pricing engines.
Veloce’s microservice enables users to avoid platform limitations, to be able to handle massive amounts of data and process large transactions without the latency that has historically marred CPQ solutions.

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Intuitive UI for All Sales Channels

Veloce’s UI layer is completely separate from the product model, so we do not box you in with a single UI, and you can have multiple UI’s leverage a single product model. We/you use Veloce’s UI/UX design tool to create the perfect UI for every sales channel, for any use case.  Use Veloce’s component based UI templates within our UI/UX design tool, and extend those if needed.

Configuration and Pricing screens for can be laid out in the manner of your choosing, and in such a way that best supports your different sales channels
Incorporate a snappy guided selling experience that filters thousands of products in microseconds.

Even avoid plug-ins and import your spreadsheets directly into the GUI, then manipulate the data just as you would in Excel.

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Works with Service Cloud / Field Service Lightning

Because Veloce runs in Salesforce, out of the box, Veloce seamlessly passes quote and order data to Service Cloud ensuring that your customer entitlements are always up to date.

Veloce is connected with Field Service Lightning, sending every detail needed in order to schedule tasks and maintenance which were included as part of the customer’s order.

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Ease of Administration and Set-up

Veloce’s declarative AND constraint-based engines combined with an intuitive GUI for Administration and a hearty set out of the box capabilities, results in system administration and initial set-up that are only a small fraction of the work when compared to the set up and maintain other CPQ solutions.  The results are the best part, an even more intuitive user experience, with far superior performance.

With Veloce, any of your sellers are able to efficiently put together the big deal, the complex order, the complex bundle, and keep both your customers and product marketers satisfied.