Financial Services

Veloce’s solution for companies who sell SaaS or software as a service provides a powerful high speed visual user experience with uniquely powerful pricing analysis tools to accelerate your sales and optimize your deals.

Complete SaaS Pricing Model Support

Veloce’s SaaS CPQ supports all standard SaaS pricing models like ARR, relative pricing, cost-based pricing, attributes-based pricing, volume based pricing, consumption-based pricing, contract pricing, and price ramps. This comprehensive out of the box pricing model support ensures your implementation will be free of custom code and extremely fast to implement with simple product and price list data set ups driving your development.

Implement in Days Not Months


Our SaaS offering is fully templatized and data driven for easy implementation. Our standard SaaS product model is designed to run on your product and pricing data. This means we can automatically create your SaaS CPQ solution from data and have a working solution up and running within days rather than months often required for other CPQ solutions.

SaaS Model.png

Easily Add Your Own Rules


Since our product model template cannot foresee all of your product configuration rules, we provide a product model administration tool that allows your business team to layer in any number of rules and constraints through a simple point and click guided process.


Fastest Time to Market


Once you are up and running, our data-driven product model means you can easily modify existing products and add new ones through simple business managed data set ups. This means you can introduce new products in record time without relying on time consuming IT and QA cycles.

Ultimate UX/UI Design


Your solution comes with a SaaS-specific UI template that automatically gives you excellent SaaS sales user experience out of the box. Our UI Design Tool also gives your UX/UI team the option to customize your user experience - the user page flow and page layout - using a simple point and click, drag and drop interface. And since we know a template may not meet every customer’s special UX requirements, our design tool allows your team to enhance the UI template by injecting your own HTML, CSS, and scripting.


Multi-Channel Support


Our UI Designer allows you to easily create any number of user experiences to support any number of sales channels - all running on the same product model. This separation of product model and UI, means you only have to support one set of rules and data for all your channels. Our deployment manager enables you to manage the various channels seamlessly. And our best in class performance and unlimited ability to customize your user experience means you can support even the high standards of consumer or B2B eCommerce.

Pricing Analysis


Our Pricing Analysis gives your sales users visual analysis of your pricing in real-time during the CPQ process. This includes rich interactive graphics of price waterfall, ARR quality, and historic pricing trends analysis. Best of all these visualizations are available throughout the configuration process to give your sales users immediate access to pricing information as they select product options. We are even able to provide “predictive pricing” - that is, tell the user the pricing implications of any option before they make the selection.

Pricing Optimizer


Once your CPQ has access to enough historic pricing data, our Price Optimizer uses a unique blend of AI and econometric modeling to guide your sales users to find the optimal pricing for every quoting situation.