Veloce Announces Strategic Mutual Referral Agreement Partnership with Simplus

Veloce and Simplus announce a strategic referral partnership to provide comprehensive solutions for customers with extensive business needs.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, March 8th, 2021 Veloce, a CPQ solution built to deliver complex quote scalability and enhanced performance, is pleased to announce that it has signed a referral partnership agreement with Simplus, the global leader in Salesforce Quote to Cash.

Veloce and Simplus have complementary product offerings and a shared vision of strengthening the use of automated processes. Through this strategic partnership, a mutual referral agreement has been designed to add value for current and prospective Veloce and Simplus clients and to bolster targeted exposure for both companies.

“We believe that Veloce adds a layer to the CPQ solution stack that is critical to a successful implementation,” said Lance Evanson, Chief Strategy Officer at Simplus. “Their product allows us to now tackle some of the most challenging, complex CPQ use cases. Partnering with Veloce has made our quote-to-cash service offerings even more robust for clients of all sizes across all industries.”

In Veloce, Simplus now has access to a technology partner who complements Salesforce CPQ to address uniquely high-level challenges. Such projects could require:

  • Large complex quotes: 50,000+ lines

  • Improved performance

  • Configurable UI/UX: Veloce’s design tool enables a tailored experience for all sales channels

In Simplus, Veloce now has a well-respected and established consulting partner that can identify projects which are suitable for Veloce’s solutions and help Veloce grow on the delivery of large-scale projects.

“We’re excited to combine Veloce’s technology with Simplus’ deep expertise and experience in delivering quote-to-cash solutions on the Salesforce platform,” said Shaowei Mao, CEO at Veloce. “This partnership will help our clients address the most complex CPQ challenges.”

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