It’s very cliche’, but today’s customer is more demanding than ever. The products and services we provide are more complex and sophisticated than ever. We need to offer the right product, at the right time and at the right price, or miss an opportunity to capture market share. Today’s systems must enable the business agility needed to satisfy the demands of the market and the incredible pace of change during Industry 4.0.

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Handle Large Volumes of Data and Configuration Complexity

Don’t let system limitations force you to oversimplify your business. Veloce has powerful and efficient Rules and Constraint-based engines which allow you to manage 1,000’s of rules. There is also no known limit on the number of quotes lines. Easily assemble your quotes, tenders, or pricing agreements with 50,000 or more lines.

Don’t forget your Services. 
Quote the services you offer, as well. Implementation services, maintenance and support services, maintenance as a service, training and so on. You have the flexibility to sell any type of product or service, with boundless scale.    

Incredible Performance

Don’t frustrate your users with latency challenges. Return the results quickly when you use Veloce’s high performance engine. You can now handle massive amounts of data and process those large transactions without latency…….even on Salesforce.

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Intuitive UI for All Sales Channels

We do not box you in with a single UI. Veloce’s UI/UX design tool creates the perfect UI for every sales channel, for any use case. Use Veloce’s component based UI templates within our UI/UX design tool, and extend those if needed.
Configuration and Pricing screens can be laid out in the manner of your choosing, and in such a way that best supports your different sales channels
Incorporate a snappy guided selling experience that filters 100’s of thousands of products instantaneously
Have the power to expose only the sales BOM, or the more detailed manufacturing BOM.

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Works with Manufacturing Cloud and Service Cloud

Because Veloce runs in Salesforce, out of the box, Veloce feeds MFG Cloud so you can make sure that both your run rate business and new business forecasting is always up to date and matches what is in your quotes and order forms.
Veloce seamlessly passes quote and order data to Service Cloud ensuring that your customer entitlements are always up to date.
You’re also connected with Field Service Lightning, sending every detail needed in order to schedule tasks and maintenance which were included as part of the customer’s order.

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Ease of Administration and Setup

Veloce’s declarative AND constraint-based engines combined with an intuitive GUI for Administration and a hearty set out of the box capabilities, results in system administration and initial set-up that are only a fraction of the work when compared to the set up and maintain other CPQ solutions.  Not to mention, the result is an even more intuitive user experience, with far superior performance.

The result: All of your sellers are able to intuitively and efficiently put together the big complex quote. Your renewals are even larger. Easily create the large renewal, do it quickly, and produce more revenue, in a shorter period of time.