High Tech Manufacturing

Veloce’s high performance intelligent solver engine is an ideal solution for efficiently handling CPQ requirement of high tech manufacturing from complex hardware configuration optimization to service attach along with complete service renewal automation.

Complex hardware configuration


We automatically optimize complex hardware placement and cabling within physical constraints of space, power, connectivity and network bandwidth. This is done with a heuristic approach which means your product model remains general and concise while your system maintenance is managed by business with simple product attribute data set ups.

Marketing Rules


Veloce also easily enables your business to add marketing rules for bundling and recommendation of products and services. Our product administration tool has a point and click interface for adding rules and constraints with a guided step by step process for creating logical and mathematical expressions of any level of complexity.

Time to market


Veloce’s product model design and Solver provide the perfect combination to drive the fastest time to market possible for a CPQ system. Our flexible product model allows you to define your generalized product structure while your specific products are easily maintained by your business team in Salesforce product data. Because our Intelligent Solver finds optimal configurations with generalized logic, your team has few specific rules to write. All of this enables much faster time for your team to bring new products to market.

Automated Legacy CPQ Migration


Veloce can migrate your current CPQ automatically. We have developed a tool that migrates Siebel Product Configurator and other CPQ systems that can run instantly on Veloce running in Salesforce with the same exact CPQ functionality. This is a convenient way to move from your current CPQ to get the benefits of Veloce’s high performance and visually flexibility. Keep in mind any code-based customizations will have to be migrated separately.

Asset-based Ordering


Veloce supports complete Quote-Order-Asset Lifecycle Management. We leverage standard objects in Salesforce to store your Quote, Order, and Asset. Veloce then automatically generates delta quotes from Account Assets. We also automate asset renewals based on renewal schedules.

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