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About the partnership

While Salesforce CPQ has an awesome Configurator, sometimes a use case comes along that requires a custom app, component, or even external software to deliver the optimal solution for the customer. Veloce is integrated with Salesforce CPQ and is now available through the External Configurator Plugin. Salesforce CPQ and Veloce can be delivered together, to provide the ultimate quoting experience.

What is unique about Veloce, compared to other external configurators?

  • All Veloce data is in Salesforce
  • All Administration is in Salesforce
  • Massive Quotes - Veloce can process massive quotes (1,000’s of lines) with incredible performance.
  • Any UI/UX - Because Veloce has been architected to have complete separation between the UI layer and the product model. This allows Veloce to deliver virtually any UI to result in the perfect quoting experience.
  • Industry Templates - Veloce has industry templates, which can be used as the building blocks for creating the perfect UI/UX.

What are the target industries?

  • Data Center
  • Financial Services
  • Communications and Media
  • Manufacturing
  • Healthcare and Life Sciences
  • Services (complex)
  • If you do not see your customer’s industry on this list, please contact Veloce anyway. We can work with you to provide the perfect UX for virtually any use case.

How do we engage one another to team on a deal?

Please email Veloce at: You can also contact the Veloce partner manager, Wendy Mrdja at:

How are the models unified? How do the product catalogs align?

Veloce is a hybrid application on Salesforce. We use the same Product2 table as Salesforce CPQ and store all other data in various custom objects. We then supplement the application with a stateless microservice to handle the configuration and pricing computation.

How do we construct and deliver customer demos?

The process will be similar to a typical demo cycle, except that we will do discovery together. Once we understand the requirements, we can decide together on the division of labor to build the demo.

Does Salesforce have access to demos and environments?

  • Veloce has recordings of demos for a variety of industries. Please contact us at to request access.
  • For customer-specific demonstrations, please contact Veloce directly, and we can discuss the process for providing a customer-specific demonstration.

What collateral exists to socialize the hybrid offering (internal and external)

There are data sheets which are available in the “Resources” tab of the Veloce website. For additional information, please contact Veloce directly.

How is Veloce licensed?

Veloce is a SaaS solution which is licensed on a per user per month basis. The list price is $45 PUPM when being offered to complement Salesforce CPQ. Please contact Veloce to discuss deals on a case by case.

Who will deliver the hybrid solution?

Veloce has its own delivery resources and also has relationships with a number of SIs who work with Veloce to deliver the Salesforce/Veloce hybrid solution. If a customer already has a relationship with an SI, then Veloce can work with the SI to scope, estimate, and deliver the hybrid solution.

How will the hybrid solution be supported?

For the sake of simplicity, when issues arise, we suggest that the customer contacts Salesforce support. Salesforce will diagnose the issue and if needed, will contact Veloce to resolve.

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Supercharge your Salesforce CPQ configuration and pricing with Veloce to easily manage your largest most complex quotes with a flexible user interface and incredible performance.

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