Data Center

Veloce’s data center configurator is uniquely fast, flexible, smart, and visually informative in the world of cloud infrastructure.

Veloce’s Data Center Solution is designed to handle any set of equipment and any size and shape of data center rack. The Velo Intelligent Solver transforms these inputs into optimized solutions per your user’s request in milliseconds.

Flexible and Simple to Set up


It operates on a simple library of components that your business team sets up with an intuitive visual web interface. The library consists of the equipment that goes into the rack and the rack itself.

Optimized and Standardized

Veloce optimizes your configuration by applying a small set of optimization goals, rules and constraints. Standard rack constraints are space, power, network bandwidth, and thermal. However, our model can easily incorporate new optimization goals based on your own special requirements. You can also layer your own rules and constraints on top of the standard product model.



Veloce’s Intelligent Solver only needs a generalized requirement from your user to generate an optimal solution consisting of a single rack or a networked set of racks. Your user can provide minimal information to create an initial solution and has the opportunity to modify the solution through easy drag and drop without the validation parameters allowed by the configurator.



Veloce’s Data Center solution typically generates complete single rack solutions in less than 200 milliseconds. Larger solutions consisting of multiple networked racks can take a few seconds. Validating a configuration is generally sub-second.

Visualizations to Guide Manufacturing


Veloce’s Data Center Solution generates a set of live visualizations including schematics of the hardware layouts and inter-machine and network cabling. Visualizations are interactive to guide manufacturing in building your infrastructure precisely and accurately.

Integrated with PLM


Our Data Center solution comes with a standard integration to Oracle’s Agile Product Lifecycle Management for full BOM generation.

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