Data Center

Veloce’s data center configurator is fast and flexible enabling you to visually convey all the complexities of cloud infrastructure.
Veloce’s Data Center Solution is designed to handle any complex equipment configuration, and the Veloce Intelligent Solver transforms minimal customer inputs into optimized solutions automatically, which accelerates quote delivery and deals won.

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Simple to Setup, Flexible for Growth

The Data Center solution operates on a simple library of components that your business team sets up with an intuitive visual web interface. While the setup is fast and easy, configuration parameters can easily be expanded upon with tailored rules and constraints, Veloce's Intelligent Solver will generate optimal configurations based on just a few basic requirements.

Standardized and Optimized

Veloce's standard rack constraints are space, power, network bandwidth, and thermal. Veloce optimizes the configuration by applying a small set of optimization goals, rules and constraints, and the model can easily incorporate new goals based on specific requirements. Additional rules and constraints can also be layered on top of the standard product model to deliver an optimized solution in minimal time.

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Veloce’s Intelligent Solver only needs a generalized requirement to generate an optimal initial solution based on  minimal information provided by the user.  Users also have the opportunity to modify the solution through easy drag and drop configuration.



Veloce’s Data Center solution generates complete single rack solutions and validation of configuration in milliseconds. Even larger solutions consisting of multiple networked racks and thousands of quote lines can be processed with incredible performance.