Veloce CPQ

Veloce CPQ transforms your sales user experience and productivity with high performance, perfectly executed logic, and personalized user interfaces tailored to the needs of each of your sales channels - including eCommerce.



Veloce CPQ accelerates your sales by intelligently driving your sales to sell the optimal product configuration and pricing according to the rules of your business.



Veloce CPQ is powered by an Intelligent Solver that automatically interprets the needs of each sales situation so your users can focus on selling to the customer not technical product details.



Our user experience design tool provides templates that your UX team can extend and customize to provide the perfect user experience for each of your sales channels.

Veloce means fast in Italian and that word perfectly describes Veloce CPQ. It’s fast and visually engaging with user experiences tailored to the individual needs or each of your sales channels. Our uniquely fast user experience gives you the ability to open your CPQ to everyone, even directly to consumers on the web via eCommerce. Which is something of a rarity in CPQ. Some CPQ vendors advertise this capability but their performance and UX limitations prohibit it since consumers have the highest standards for user experience and performance. With Veloce CPQ, these constraints do not exist. You are free to engage with every one of your customers in exactly the way you need to.
Veloce CPQ accelerates your sales with tools to bring new products to market quickly - no matter how complex your rules - with a high performance user experience that is specific to each sales channel and each user context.
Veloce CPQ includes a unique personalization capability powered by our UI Design Tool. The tool allows your UI/UX team to create any type and number of user interfaces that all talk the same underlying product model. This is how Veloce enables your multi-channel sales. There is no need to create separate applications or write custom code. Our Salesforce administration and deployment environment takes care of every aspect of your CPQ so you can focus on the moving parts that make your solution unique. Our UI design tool allows you to select from a library of UI templates tailored to different vertical solutions like SaaS and Telecom. Your UI/UX team then has the option to create your own version of the template by designing your own user page flows and page details with an intuitive point and click, drag and drop interface. To take it a step further, your team has the option to add your own libraries along with any HTML, CSS, JS or AngularJS logic to develop whatever UI you need.
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