Professional Services

The world of professional service quotation has proven difficult to automate in CPQ.   Traditionally professional service quoting has relied on human intuition and spreadsheet modeling.  At Veloce, we believe we have a solution that captures the human side of professional service quoting with high performance logic crunching from the spreadsheet-side of traditional solution.  

Veloce’s Intelligent Solver only needs generalized constraints and high level quote requirements to find an optimal solution.  This means we can create a professional services CPQ solution for you that has the smarts of your human services configurator by applying a hierarchy of optimization goals.  


And the logical and mathematical expressiveness of our product modeling tool can be used to represent all the specific requirements of your particular consulting practice.  

The performance and scalability of our service means your quoting team can quickly get configurations to perform what if’s from Veloce to play out different engagement scenarios with different resourcing mixes.  This kind of CPQ automation will codify and rationalize your quoting practices and accelerate. It also creates a repeatable process and a quote repository that can be used to track effectiveness of the CPQ system over time and inform it for future refinement to configure price and quote optimizations.