Veloce’s ability to handle large quotes with high complexity makes it ideal for medical CPQ.   In medical device CPQ implementations, we have seen market leading CPQ platforms have difficulty handling the need for quotes with hundreds and even thousands of line items.  Veloce, however, has no such data limitation. We can process any number of line items. And we do so 20x faster than the market leading CPQ platforms.

Two Approaches to Improving your CPQ


If you sell medical products and services and have difficulty with performance, scalability, or you even have complete failure to process quotes, Veloce offers two ways to fix this problem.  

1.  Replace

We can replace your CPQ entirely and guarantee much faster performance.   We also guarantee our CPQ will never fail unexpectedly due to quote size or complexity.

2.  Accelerate


In the case where you want to preserve your CPQ but need a boost or extension, we apply an accelerator that uses Velo CPQ to process larger or more complex use cases while keeping your current CPQ intact for other quoting functions.  We make the same performance and uptime guarantees for our accelerator.

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