Veloce Catalog

Veloce Catalog gives your marketing the power to create compelling offers to accelerate your sales and delight your customers with innovative pricing and dynamic product bundling - all done with business-friendly tools.



Veloce Catalog gives your product team a simple point and click tool to create compelling offers easily and go to market quickly.



Veloce Catalog provides an engaging window into your offerings to promote just the right products for each sales situation.



Our catalog has high performance filtering and search to guide your users to right product easily and quickly every time.

Veloce Catalog enables your marketing to organize and publish your product portfolio in a way that makes it easy for your customers to find just the right configurable or non configurable product. Our catalog has advanced product filtering and search to make life easy for your end users. The user experience is fast, visually rich, engaging, and everything happens in real-time. This seamless user experience is critical since the catalog is the first thing your end users see.
Veloce Catalog makes it easy for your product team to publish your products in visually appealing, logically categorized, and easily searchable to guide your users to just the right product every time.
Veloce’s catalog also includes an elegant Offer Management solution that allows your marketing to quickly go to market with innovative offers featuring product and pricing rules that are simple to define in a point and click visual tool. There’s no easier, faster, or cheaper way to go to market with this level of offering sophistication. Our Offer Management adds entirely new possibilities within your product offerings since your marketing team can create, release, and analyze the results of a campaign in less time than it normally takes to document such offers for your IT team to implement in a typical CPQ system
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